Vos en Haas
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Vos en Haas

Voos en Haas: Animation movie for children
About This Project

We loved working on this project!! We were really happy to help to create Voos en Haas animation for this special project: Voos en Haas in de Kerstvakantie 2018. Our task was to scan the figurines of the main characters of the movie for later animation. By using 3D scanning, the animation process became more efficient.And such a lovely final result that was! We have to thank studios Submarine and Bazinga Design for making those 3D renders shine on the big screen.

Do you work in the industry and could use a hand in 3D scanning? Or just wonder how can 3D scanning help you achieve better outcomes? You can always send us a message to rudo@th3rd.nl, we’re more than happy to help.

See you around!