Th3rd Product Scanner
th3rd delivers high quality creative 3D scanning solutions
3D scanning, 3D printing, CG, Computer Graphics,
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Th3rd Product Scanner

About This Project

3D scanning as a service

Our 3D product scanner is meant to digitize entire product lines for fashion brands. By creating digital twins of your company’s products, the digital content can be used for the sampling market, e-commerce and marketing, including holograms, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality.

Why 3D scanning as a service?

In order to create a scalable solution within our market, we need to make sure the highest quality is ensured at all times. Given that the 3D scanning industry is quickly innovating, we provide 3D scanning as a service. This means our scan solutions will be updated according to the latest technologies in the market. This is the only way we can guarantee the best automatically scanned 3D model created at scale, worldwide.

Our subscription model includes the following:

-Building of your custom scanner, fit for your product, on a location of your choice

-Staff training

-Full service and support

What’s the end result?

The automated 3D scan results in a 3D model which can be used across platforms. This includes e-commerce, advertising, product visualizations, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and more. Our service is file format independent, meaning we will offer the format which best fits your needs.


Do you want to take a look at the automated result? Please find a simulation of our automated 3D model here.