Ilja Visser
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Ilja Visser

3D scan, Fashion, Milling
Amsterdam, fashion week, frezen, FW15/16, haute couture, Ilja Visser, milling, Paris
About This Project

3D scanning turns something physical into something digital. When thinking of turning something physical into digital, 3D printing comes to one’s mind. 3D printing brings many new possibilities, but (still) carries some limitations. When a real-size image needs to be printed, or in this case a 3.5 meter image, the process is still too expensive and demanding. The best option is then to use a milling machine.

For this project, it was thought to have Ilha Visser’s masterpiece as a statue on the catwalk during her presentation at Fashion Week 2015/2016. We were asked to scan the statue, from which the 3.5-meter image would be suppressed. This was a challenge, because each detail would be magnified and therefore visible.

The final result was greatly welcomed, so good that a promo aftermovie was made immediately after, without it being planned. This was exactly our intention: to offer digital 3D assets whose quality is so good that is can be used for different purposes, animations and artistic expressions.

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