Bart Chabot
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Bart Chabot

3D Print, 3D scan
3D bust, 3D print, 3D scan, Bart Chabot
About This Project

In order to celebrate Bar Chabot’s 60thbirthday, we were asked to create a realistic bust from him.

First step was to create a 3D scan of him in our scanstudio, as you can see in the following video. Our studio allows to scan a complete human body, however taking a specific part and enhancing its resolution is possible, too.

Our client, the communication and literature museum in den Haag, wanted a realistic bust. Therefore, we took the part above Bart Chabot’s shoulders and achieved a higher resolution, where the face is seen even better.

Finally, our 3D model was printed in a colour 3D printer. We pick the right partners depending on the client’s requirements.

Do you have a good idea for a bust, 3D scan or other kind of unique concept? Let us know!