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Agency : United state of Fans - Concept : United state of Fans - Post productie : De Stomerij - Audio : Echolab

3D scan, Fashion, Media, Photography, TV Commercial
3D scan, Adidas, TV, TV commercial
About This Project

We love to tell how much detail we can cram into our 3D scans, but this project was even for us a nail-biter. They really tried to push the boundaries of our scanned model of an Adidas shoe.

Onesize made a commercial for the Agency United state of Fans and they asked us to scan a shoe in high detail. For Pepijn Padberg the leap of using 3D instead of a movie was a nail-biter as well: “We had to choose between making a movie or using a 3D model.  We had never used a 3D model for a production like this and really wanted to try it. Because of the tight deadline, it was a bit of a gamble, because we had no time to redo the shoot into a movie if it would not work out. Luckily Th3rd has proven that you can truly capture every detail into a scan. Where possible we will always use a 3D scan from now on!”

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