2015 3FM Awards
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2015 3FM Awards

3D scan, Media, TV Commercial
3D illustration, 3D scan, 3FM Awards, Dotan, Rondé, Typhoon
About This Project

Achtung had a great idea for 3FM Awards 2015: place artists in the middle of the stage so that it looks like a statue… without actually building a statue!

Achtung approached Th3rd to create photorealistic digital 3D models from artists Dotan, Typhoon and Rondé. Our 3D scanner, with 130 SLR cameras, scans in 1/100thof a second, which allows us to achieve very dynamic results, which was ideal for this concept. For Typhoon, it was even thought of placing him on a nice roaring horse.

Our 3D scanner is one of the biggest in the world. However, we can’t fit a horse yet, so we decided to place Typhoon in a saddlebag and included the horse by ourselves.

We believe this project really shows what we’re good at. Do you have a big idea and need digital 3D models for this? Contact us, we’ll be happy to help!