Introducing: Thomas Makryniotis
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Introducing: Thomas Makryniotis

Introducing: Thomas Makryniotis

Over the past year, the team at Th3rd has digitized thousands of fashion items, has worked with some of the biggest players in the fashion industry, and has moved into a new office. Our team has grown as a result, and it is with great excitement that we introduce our new team member: Thomas Makryniotis.

We had a short conversation with Thomas to talk about his professional background, his role and his ambitions at Th3rd. Enjoy the read!


What is your background?

My professional background is in fashion design and illustration, and more specifically, virtual fashion design and illustration, working with everything 3D.

I started out as a fashion designer, and then I did a Masters and a PhD in virtual environments, 3D visualization, and identity through digital fashion. Over the past 20 years, I have devoted my career to developing and using digital technologies for fashion and have worked as a visualization artist for several brands. At the beginning, my job was to digitize existing apparel items. Bear in mind, this was a long time ago, when 3D visualization for fashion was not big.

I then moved into education, where I taught in fashion courses in London and lead a subject as part of a postgraduate course at London College of Fashion titled Innovative Fashion Media. I worked as a researcher on digital tech and media, focused on writing articles and a book on the topic, and subsequently worked with startups and scale-ups to create 3D experiences and content for fashion. Before I joined Th3rd, I was Art Director for the fashion vertical at INDG.

This meant moving around Europe a little: I have lived in London, Berlin, and Amsterdam, the place I now call home.

What is your role in Th3rd?

I am Th3rd’s technical art director. This means that I work in production while at the same time help develop the workflows and methodologies that make creating our digital twins possible.

Due to my background as art director, I am really keen on quality standards as well as concepting and creating new exciting virtual experiences.

Where do you see Th3rd in the near future? What is your dream project to work on?

I believe that Th3rd will continue to grow and become one of the biggest players in digital content creation. Our main clientele is currently the fashion and architecture industries, but we will strive to be a household name in these and other markets where digital twins are needed.

My ideal project to work on would be one that combines inspired 3D content and a cool concept, and ultimately becomes a unique experience. This would be something that includes my art direction, our high-quality digital content, and the innovative presentation of the content through a new digital platform. Mixed reality technologies are ideal for this sort of thing.


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