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We are in a celebration mood, because we are proud to officially launch our new corporate service for retailers & fashion brands: 3D Scanning as a Service (3D SaaS)!

With 3DSaaS we help fashion brands and retailers to digitize their entire product catalogue at the push of a button. By using a combination of 3D scanning and automated post-processing techniques, an item is digitized almost fully automatic. 


Now is the time

We believe our 3D scanning as a service is now more relevant than ever. The Covid-19 crisis has forced companies worldwide to slow down and re-think business as usual. This is especially true for the fashion industry. Facing a new normality where brick and mortar stores are closed, a limit to the number of customers on a store is set, and social distancing rules are expected to carry on for months, retailers and brands are forced to rethink their strategies. And the ones who know how to adapt fast will be the ones to prevail. 

“Shutdowns are forcing fashion brands to consider how much of their workflow could become digital, bringing 3D to the forefront” as Vogue Business accurately concluded. The Covid-19 crisis occurs at a point in time when retail brands were already starting to invest in digital strategies aiming to increase efficiency and decrease waste. These digital strategies now prove to be especially beneficial for teams working remotely. The confinement that most countries are going through is, therefore, said to be an accelerator for this new phase of digital transformation. A digital transformation that, if not powered by urgency and external factors, could have taken several decades.

“The ones who know how to adapt fast, will be the ones who prevail.”

With enablers like power bandwidth and 5G well on their way, all tools are in place for this next phase of digital transformation to happen. Among our customers, we see a number of reasons why they want to now accelerate the digitization of their product catalogues. 

The versatility of virtual twins

Perhaps the most interesting reason is to increase the customer experience in a remote reality. Once a digital product is created, it can be used in AR to facilitate a digital try-on experience, it can be uploaded to virtual showrooms and used to further enrich the shopping experience on e-commerce platforms. In times where brick and mortar showrooms are closed across countries, digital product showcasing proves to be an important viable solution for retailers. 

First data shows – also among our customers – that those retailers adopting Augmented Reality experiences see an increase in sales and revenue. On top of this, it also causes a decline in returns, decreasing costs. 

Another reason we see for digitization is that 3D assets allow fashion brands and global retailers to use digital products for their own internal workflow. For instance, by making the sampling process more efficient and more adapt to a world in which travelling is not an option (for now at least). Not having to fly the samples around the world but being able to see a high-quality digital twin instead, again reduces cost and adds to the speed of the sampling process. 

Scaling 3D content creation

However, in order to use the 3D innovations described and the advantages 3D fashion-tech offers, a brand will need to digitize their product catalogue. Creating 3D models by hand can be very expensive and time-consuming, especially if you do not want to lose the realism while digitizing your products.

We believe scaling 3D content creation is going to be the biggest hurdle the market will face in taking advantage of this new wave of digitization within fashion. Through our corporate solution 3DSaaS we give brands the possibility to create virtual twins of their products at the push of a button. We can digitize at scale (up to 50.000 items per year per scan solution) and on a location of choice. The fashion brand only pays a fixed price per digital twin (3D model) and can choose the format and the quality level they want as output. 

More on Th3rd and 3DSaaS

Th3rd is a company that specializes in creating high-quality digital twins of people and products. We help brands like Adidas and Vans to digitize their products at scale and give advice on different ways of optimizing their digital content strategy. Our corporate solution 3DSaaS offers brands a way to rapidly and automatically digitize an entire product catalogue and makes sure that the digital twins that are created can be used in different formats and applications. 


Clara Escoms